Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Best Wishes and Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

I've got a new Trendy Twine project featuring Twisted Lime to share with you!
Plus I've got a mini string art tutorial.

I made this colorful Best Wishes card.

Here's a close up of the finished string art with Twisted Lime.

Trendy Twine-Twisted Lime
Lovebug Creations- Sunflower
Echo Park- Sweet Girl

Onto the tutorial....

I used the rhinestone feature on the Silhouette software to make my holes. I made the shape I want and then I do an internal offset a little smaller then the shape. After that I used the rhinestone feature to change the internal shape to size 10ss holes and for this circle I changed the spacing to 3.

1.  I put a line of my atg glue on the back to hold down the end of the twine. 

2.  I numbered the holes in the pics above so you can see where to start and where to go next. 
 But you can pick any hole to start and then pick another one somewhere across from it.
Depending on how far apart the holes are you choose will make the hole in the center bigger or smaller. 

3.  Then you just keep moving one hole over(counter clockwise) all the way around the shape until you have 2 strands into each hole.

If you run out of twine while working the shape, you can just start a new strand on the back. 

You can purchase some Twisted Lime on sale HERE.

Thanks for stopping!


jessica said...

this is awesome! Thanks for sharing the GREAT tutorial!!!

Kate said...

Super cute and Awesome Tutorial. Love this card so pretty especially the colors.

snappy scrappy said...

Gorgeous...great tutorial!!

Kim Ricketts said...

absolutely beautiful!!

Kim :)

Lovebug Creations said...

Beautiful card!! Your twine art is awesome! I love the mini tut and just a second ago said I can't wait for my cameo...now it's like "Get here NOW!" Totally rocks chicky!!! ♥

Bug hugs,

Sukie said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I really think I could create a string art project now. The string art is stunning!

Zeni said...

Great tutorial! I find twine intimidating at times, but I'm beginning to like everything you can do with it!

TeresaK said...

How very pretty! Thank you so much for the tutorial too!

Trendy Twine said...

Beautiful card! LOVE all of the colors. Awesome tutorial and easy to follow. Great job!!

Lesley @ Trendy Twine

Yvonne said...

Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial! You did a fantastic job. :)

Mary Ann said...

Super cute,Love your tutorial...

Jessica Pascarella said...

Thanks for showing us how to do this beautiful strin gart with twine!

Rebecca Wagner said...

Love, love this card! Your string art is totally awesome!

Helen said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial!! I will have to try it out, but I am sure it will not be as fabulous as yours :)

Candace Pelfrey said...

LOVE LOVE this layout!!!