Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shorty Fingerless Gloves!

Hey Everyone!

I've been really getting back into knitting lately and have some more gloves to show you!
I posted a few awhile back, you can find them here.

Here's 2 colors in the Shorty Braid

Then the super cute Shorty Hoot!

Shorty Twists

And last some Shorty Cables!

All are available for Custom Order!

You can find prices on my Facebook page along with more Knit Accessories I've done.

You can contact me through my Facebook page HERE 
or by emailing me at

Thanks for stopping!


sarah said...

What are your price's & I will be ordering some for Christmas gifts.. TFS!!! Luv themmm...

Jamie said...

Hi Sarah. If you click on the link to my Facebook page above there is an album with prices on all my gloves and you can send me a message right through my Facebook page or you can email me at