Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rosette Christmas Trees

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The theme today was trees, here is what I made.

I used Ribbons and Rosettes to make this tree. It was my first time making a rosette with this cartridge. I used my gypsy to weld the pieces together so I didn't have to glue them all.

This is what they look like unwelded, depending on the size you will probably need 3-4 of these for 1 rosette.
I used the Bracket1 cut on page 26.

These are the ones that I welded, so much easier. I will list all the sizes and how many I welded together in the recipe below.

If you weld them together the score marks disappear which was fine with me, I just used my MS scoreboard to score them. You just score along each peak and dip on the strip. Then you accordion fold them and glue them in a circle. Even for the ones I welded I still had to glue more then one strip together, except for the really small sizes. I used red tacky tape to glue together.

Then you punch out 1" circles and hot glue to the back of the rosette after you flatten it.

Hot glue each layer together by putting the glue in the center of the rosette. I spray mine with some gold shimmer spray after it was put together.

Then I made a bow with some wired ribbon and hot glued it to the top. I used glue dots on the ends of the long ribbon pieces so they would stay against the tree.

Here's the finished product again. I was going to leave it plan but then found these sparkly pompoms and thought they would be cute on the tree I stuck them on with glue dots.


Cricut Cartridge- Ribbons and Rosettes (p.26 Bracket1) 
Sizes- 2.5",2.25" and 2" weld 4 together 2 times(so 2 strips)or 8 single
1.75" weld 3 together and weld 2 together or 5 single
1.5" and 1.25" weld 4 together and 1 single, or 5 single 
1" weld 5 together or 5 single.

Paper- Recollections ( O Christmas Tree Stack) White card stock or any scrap for the 1" circles

Other- Pssst! Sheer Shimmer Spray Gold, Red Ribbon, white and red sparkly pompoms, hot glue, glue dots

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Thanks for looking!


Doris P. said...

beautiful!!! so want this cartridge!!! love the creativity

Kathy Salido said...


This is absolutely gorgeous!! I want this cart!!

Josie0602 said...

I love pretty and so cute!

Unknown said...

Adorable! I love rosettes and made some cute snowmen with white rosesettes (emboss the paper with snowflakes!). Great fun!