Monday, July 25, 2011

New Name and Blog Address

Just wanted to let everyone know that I change my blog name and address.  I realized that Stellar Designz is also a firework company, so I wanted to have something different. Eventually I want to start selling my crafts.  Hopefully as soon as we get through our move to a different state I will have my own craft room and more space to create.  I hope my followers can still see my page on their dashboard even though I changed the address. Please let me know if it is still visible to you if you are a follower. If your not I would love to have any new followers.  I'm also in the process of learning how to design my blog so hopefully I'll have a new look soon. :)  I recently posted a video of my first mini album and my first video. Would love any opinions on it! I have some other projects I'm working on too that hope to post soon.

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Unknown said...

Jamie thanks for giving me your new address. I have already updated my list. Your video below was really great. Hugs, Pam at